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Huddy Buddies are made from a very durable and washable faux suede with a luxurious fur lining. The yarn is a 20% wool blend that creates soft, warm comfort. These slippers will STAY PUT and are very easy to put on. You will not arrive home to find one slipper missing and cold little toes as long as you tighten up those laces. The soft soles not only allow these slippers to grow with your baby but they are also weather-resistant and great for indoor and outdoor use. Mind you the crochet portion of the slipper is not very fond of puddles. If you do get them dirty simply throw in the washing machine and then let them air dry. Please do not place them in the dryer.


**Please kindly note that the sole of slippers is synthetic and therefore there is no guaranteed life expectancy. Everyone wears shoes/socks/slippers out at a different rate and therefore I cannot guarantee a specific time frame of wear and tear on my items. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. Feel free to check out my exchange/refund policy linked below.** 




PriceFrom C$65.00
  • To find out more about our Exchange/Refund policy please click here

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