• These toques are perfect for the Fall and Winter season. They are made with a soft wool blend yarn and a faux fur pompom. When choosing your size consider what size hat your little one is in before purchasing. The sizes are based on the "average" head size for that age range. I had babies in the 90th percentile when it came to head size so I would be sure to size up based on that! 


    **please note that poms may slightly vary in color but will still follow the asked colorway**


    The hats are machine washable but you do want to keep washing to a minimium to avoid pilling or breaking down the hair on the pompom. After a cold gentle cycle (i would suggest placing your toque in a garment/launder bag or even a pillowcase with a hair elastic to close) you simply lay flat and air dry. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER!!! the pompom can then be fluffed back up with the use of a low heat setting on your blow dryer!  

    Marble Toque

    PomPom Color
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