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Rewards Program

How does it work?

Do you already rant and rave about how amazing Huddy Buddies are?

Have you already convinced friends, family, and others to get a pair for themselves or their littles?

Are you already creating wicked social media content, gaining followers, and would love to get paid for your sales?  Well it's time to be REWARDED for promoting our products! 

An Affiliate is a person, like you, who acts as an independent brand representative, that helps promote our products, in exchange for a set % commission of the sales you generate (The net sales meaning, minus any discounts, taxes, shipping & returns). 

It's completely free to apply.  You're not an employee, and your sales are tracked automatically via coupon codes or unique affiliate links generated through the program.  You are then paid out via the app for ease!

Please simply fill out the application form and you will be directed to sign up for the affiliate app in association with Huddy Buddies. All affiliates will be reviewed and if you are deemed unfit to represent our brand you will not be accepted to the affiliate program and your profile will simply be blocked and deleted. 

We do require that you do not spam people all over the web with your affiliate codes, or act in any manner that we deem reflects in a bad way on our brand. The purpose of this program is to reward your efforts and bring awareness and support for Huddy Buddies. 

This program is a privilege and your account will be deactivated if you abuse the program or represent our brand in a way that does not align with our values. 

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